The Host Committee Welcomes You to Boston!

Neighborhoods: East Boston

Written by Moira O’Connell

Maverick T Station, gateway to East Boston

The area now known as East Boston has a long history stretching back through the earliest years of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and long before that as part of the ancestral lands of the Massachusetts people. Prior to the 1830s the land was made up of five islands. Over time the land between the islands was filled in and used as a trade hub, dotted with wharves and railroad terminals. The land was officially annexed by Boston in 1836.

Long a home for immigrant groups arriving in Boston the area has a vibrant and diverse population. In recent years a there has been a tremendous amount of investment in the area has resulted in beautiful new parks, increased access to downtown Boston via water transport and even a burgeoning arts scene anchored by the Atlantic Works Gallery and the ICA Watershed.

Some of my favorite places in East Boston are its parks. There is a long and winding harbor walk. If you get off the Blue Line at Maverick you’ll be right at the entrance to the walkway. There are beautiful views and also some great places to relax and take in the water, maybe while sipping a coffee or enjoying a picnic.

The Bremen Street Park is part of the East Boston Greenway and surrounds the pedestrian entrance to the Airport T station. If you are arriving in Boston by plane or staying at a hotel near the airport, you will be able to easily access and enjoy the park. The park hosts walking paths, two playgrounds, a community garden, and the East Boston branch of the Boston Public Library.

Piers Park is a short walk from the Maverick T station (either on surface streets or along the Harborwalk). This park offers stunning views of Downtown Boston (truly you will not find a better view of the city than from the East Boston Waterfront!) and the Harbor. It’s a beautiful place. There are numerous picnic tables, a sailing center, and a playground.

Harborwalk map

Entering through Porzio Park at the end of Everett Street, you will find a beautiful Harborwalk which circles around to the Logan Airport Ferry Terminal and beautiful views across the water toward the Seaport and downtown Boston.

Seriously, these tacos are delicious – Cactus Grill in Maverick Square

East Boston also boasts delicious dining options. Several trendy spots have opened over the last few years but these recommendations are local favorites. For a quick bite (and an excellent option if you wat to picnic by the water) you cannot do better than Cactus Mexican Grill. If you want to dine in I highly recommend D’Parma, Kelley Square Pub, or La Cancun.

My favorite place for Salvadorian cuisine – La Cancun in Maverick Square

If you’re just interested in snacking on some tasty baked goods I would recommend both La Sultana and the A&L Bakery a few minutes from Maverick Square.

Try the Arepas! And the Pastries! – La Sultana in Maverick Square

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